WEDS 11/16 
167 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY​​​​​​​
Dir. Bill Brown 2018
USA 6 min
Leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.
Dir. Chun Yi Hsu 2022
Taiwan 25 min
All the images were taken during a trip to Tokyo before the Covid, while holding a mini camera without a view window. When the camera is separated from the eyes, the lens seems to be an extension of the limbs, and the production of the image is no longer through the inertia of the hands and eyes, but from the accidental encounter and contact between the body and the image.
The Storks of Neuwiller
Dir. Conor Williams 2022
USA 6 min
Super 8 memories of my first encounter with France. A visit to the house and studio and gravesite of Agnes Varda, being in love, street cats...
mexico diary
Dir. Craig Arthur Scheihing 2022
USA 12 min
"But essentially the camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own" - Susan Sontag
St. Catherine's Rock
Dir. Edwin Miles 2022
UK 9 min
A week-long holiday in 2002. The sun, sea, and St. Catherine's Island, it is a golden destination and one the family return to every year.
Dir. Chihiro ITO 2021
Japan 4 min
This is experimental poetry diary short film made by Chihiro ITO. It was filmed in July 27, 2021 in NEW HAVEN, USA.
Dir. Joe Wakeman 2022
USA 10 min
A filmmaker tries to reassemble the moments of a recent trip to Paris from 16mm fragments, but iPhone photos of artworks don't do the feelings or the memories justice.
A Place that my body remembers
Dir. Eleonora Privitera 2022
Italy / USA 5 min
I edited a collection of old shots filmed by my family long time ago in the summers spent in our island, Sicily, to keep alive in my own research.
I rediscovered things that spoke to me and related experiences that shaped my identity. Fragments of memories, of moments when I learned to observe, to feel and to explore.
Even in paradise it is not good to be alone
Dir. Lorenzo Gattorna 2017
USA 8 min
In memory of Nonno Pierino
The Friend Constant Beyond Death
Dir. Fatma Belkis Isik 2018
Turkey 23 min
An attempt to continue the dialogue with my father after his passing. It deals with how one carries a loved one into their practice and how the one that is gone is still present in another’s life.
I used the video camera that my father had bought when I was a kid as a device, like a portal, that enables communication between us, between this world that I live in and the hypothetical world of the deceased. 
This Isn't What It Appears
Dir. Heehyun Choi 2022
USA / South Korea 20 min
Among everything obscure in an image, there is always the camera. This Isn’t What It Appears reconstructs and radicalizes the ways to see and interpret archival photographs of Korean women taken in the 1950s by American soldiers stationed in South Korea. This film attempts to reveal the camera within the frame, not as an omniscient eye but as a reciprocal medium that subverts the hierarchy in an image.
Dir. Saif Alsaegh 2018
USA / Iraq 17 min
Rosa is an experimental essay documentary film that juxtaposes the life of the filmmaker in two extreme locations (Baghdad and Montana) through three elements of nature: dust, rust and wind.
here and there, then and now
Dir. Alex Faoro, Helena Deda 2022
USA 31 min
Between 1998 and 1999, during the War of Kosovo, hundreds of thousands of Kosovar citizens were forcefully displaced under threat of violence. In early 2022, during the outset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Helena’s mother Marta traveled from Kosovo to live with us in New York for six months, on the remainder of her visa. We recorded various activities and conversations; cooking, going to the park, talking with friends. Interweaving this highly intimate material with contemporaneous Albanian news broadcasts, this project attempts to navigate the complex intersection of place, time, memory, war, history and modernity.
ROYGBIV (before the end, the lights shine bright)
Dir. Rebecca Shapass 2022
USA 16 min
A meditative portrait of blue hour & the urban constructions that frame it. The film observes modes of connective and enforced time-keeping through human-made infrastructures gridding the sky & ground such as street lights, trains, electrical cabling, and alleys. How do these human interventions create, harmonize with, and disrupt the rhythms of the earth’s rotation and the way living beings exist within it?
I'll Leave Tomorrow
Dir. Chen-Yi Wu 2021
Taiwan / USA 20 min
In the year of 2018, a twenty five year-old filmmaker briefly came back to Taipei, her hometown, during the summer break. During her visit, she found that the lives of her friends seemed to be moving forward, while she was stuck between two countries and two languages.
The Red Tide
Dir. Sally Lawton 2022
USA 8 min
The Red Tide follows my mother on a life changing move to Florida. Her new home is located near famous earthworks by Robert Smithson, the enormous art collection-turned-museum of John Ringling, and beaches plagued by a toxic phenomenon called the ‘red tide’. 
Luci: The Girl with Three Hearts
Dir. Katina Bitsicas 2019
USA 8 min
Luci Cook is the recipient of three heart transplants at ages 11, 23, and 28. Luci has since graduated college and is pursuing their PhD. They have a fear of wasting time since they are not a candidate for a fourth heart transplant. This film is divided into three sections, one for each donor, and visually reflects the feeling and location of each heart.
Eshu Yangi
Dir. Henrique Cartaxo 2021
Brazil 20 min

A personal encounter with Eshu, the afro-brazilian deity also known as Elegba, is reimagined with abstract visuals crafted from homemade footage, studies on the matter, carnival memories, and contemplations akin to quantum physics. Made in isolation during the covid-19 pandemic in Brazil.