Virtual Shorts 2
Maximilien Luc Proctor, Taylor Yocom, Justin Rhody, Matt Whitman
Available 11/10/2021 from 8PM to 10PM EST
"Winter Flare"
 Maximilien Luc Proctor 2021
Berlin, Germany 4 min
A silent short film shot on expired Super 8 film, "Winter Flare" offers a dream-like glimpse of winter scenery."A call for life while surrounded by the tranquility of death. Remembering the warmth of the sun from the thick of the snow. Seeking sight through movement."
Taylor Yocom 2021
St. Louis, MO 4 min
In "flowers/distance" an artist grapples with the idea of productivity amid uncertainty through embroidery and diary entries during Spring 2020. Typing over an unfinished work that had to be put on hold at the start of the pandemic, the film cycles through questions surrounding making work, "women's work," and the urge to make something while her practice is "stopped." A sampler of flowers keeps filling up, the bouquets die and are replaced. The film abruptly stops.
"easy to learn hard to forget"
Justin Clifford Rhody 2020
Santa Fe, NM 15 min
A travel diary composed from a series of video vignettes Rhody made while traveling in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos for two months. Shot using a tiny, pocket sized digital camera. "I initially didn't intend to make a video from them or have them shown publicly. I was just making a diary of moments that I found graceful during the frequent downtime that occurs when traveling. My partner, Abigail Smith, created a large collection of field recordings during this same time, some of which were later published under the title "Indochina Soundscraps". And although the two projects stand-alone, I think they compliment each other in attitude and approach - which works well as a metaphor for our relationship."
Matt Whitman 2021
Brooklny, NY 9 min
A silent experimental diary composed of lush 16mm colors and lights invites the viewer into a beautiful, almost science-fictional visual space. "That was when I thought I could hear you on petals. That was when I thought I could hear you on fire. That was when I thought I could hear you on the edge of the bridge."
Organized by Nick Ramsay and Kassandra Piñero
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