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Sonosfera Telectu
Dir. Carlos Mendes, Ilda Teresa Castro, Vasco Bação, Vítor Rua 2022
Portugal 115 min
The avant-garde duo Telectu of Vítor Rua and Jorge Lima Barreto is presented in their life on the road, on trips around the world, throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. The architecture of the documentary is the result of the curatorship of a vast archive of images, from which the current Telectu, Rua and Ilda Teresa Castro created their operational structure.
Elka Park
Dir. Gloria Chung 2014
USA 20 min
A portrait of a place I know where, more than anything else, the changing of the seasons marks the time spent there.
Tempesta a “Les Fonts” d'una memòria (Storm in the sources of a memory)
Dir. Rrose Present 2015
Spain 5 min
I was recently stuck in the village where my mother was born, without wi-fi or television. As the only entertainment I contemplated the trees outside the front door.
Dir. Tsen-Chu Hsu 2021
Taiwan 4 min
During the years of 2016 and 2017, I only finished shooting one roll of Reg8mm, and sometimes I only shot a couple feet in the period of one to two months. In the year of 2020, I finally got a chance to digest what I have shot during those years. Out of my surprise, I cannot remember where and why I captured those images. Nevertheless, one thing I remember specifically is that the scenes were all taken in the afternoons. Therefore, I name this project as: Afternoon(s).
the moment that holds you more beautiful than any
Dir. Kristie Chua 2021
USA 7 min
a chasm—
time splintered and the future abruptly fell out of existence, dragging echos of the present with it. vestiges of a life lingered, then too, curled away and dissipated. the sun emerged each morning, sharpening the edges of every thing, painting the world in high definition that caused pain behind the eyes. internal fear mirrored the endless sky, became an imposing saturated blue stretching towards the horizon, swallowing broken shards of reality—an infinite vacuum, greedy and thankless.
Blue Distance
Dir. Devin Jie Allen 2021
USA 7 min
Occupying gaps in memory and history, Blue Distance serves as a personal and poetic intervention into the filmmaker’s familial immigration story. The film places in communion the mythic powers of cinema and the production of personal & cultural histories. Underpinning these tensions is the immigratory reality of occupying stolen land while trying to secure one’s own actualization.
Our Horizons
Dir. Charlotte Cayeux 2022
France 44 min
A woman's voice reads letters written to her by her imprisoned lover over a seascape. In this dialogue between images and text, absence, expectation and the desire for freedom are expressed...
Between fragments of my memory
Dir. Totino Ríos 2021
Peru / Argentina 20 min
Fifteen years after running away from home, a young college student relives fragments of his past through photographs and videos of other people's families. Suddenly, the images develop an obsession with filming his daily life.
Curry Beef
Dir. Jonathan Burton 2022
USA 24 min
For many descendants of immigrants, the throughline to their motherland is often found through food. Those who hail from colonies past and present may often find their culinary heritage is one borne through blood, tears, and hope. In this short documentary, Jonathan Burton, a 1st generation Guyanese, prepares Curry Beef, a dish spread internationally through british imperialism, for his grandmother as she speaks about her experience living in Guyana during its colonial era and the time after. Through this, one may experience two cultures simultaneously, that of a 3rd culture descendant seeking to grasp onto his heritage and one born from the source.
Work girl play
Dir. Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir 2022
Iceland 10 min
Home videos from my childhood and teens, archive and found footage sampled with with new material make up this personal documentary that reflects on how women experience themselves as objectified beings affected by media and social constraints.
Dir. Dani W. 2022
USA 3 min
A visual poem pondering chemistry, and its effects on imagery, food, environments, and bodies. Born from the similarities between the language used to teach analog photographic techniques and the language used by doctors and medical institutions surrounding transgender hormone replacement therapy. Two types of development.
Observations of the Amazing World Around Us
Dir. Lee M Phillips 2022
USA 7 min
A visual poem of footage shot over the course of a year, interwoven with spoken word. This project is about my choice to "not bother with memory." It's my way of honoring the things in life that I've found beautiful. Also - a way to prove to myself that I didn't need money to make film.
Dir. Victoria Guillem 2022
USA 9 min
Experimental iPhone documentary/video diary about my Abuelita who lives with dementia. Shot over the course of four trips from March 2021, to March 2022
the yellow see
Dir. Lynn Kim 2019
USA 7 min
a short film that weaves through food, consumption, and immigrant experiences to interrogate the relationship between three yellow bodies: the yellow sea, the yellow corvina fish, and my own "yellow" body. how are these bodies seen? how are they nourished or degraded?
...at large under the sun...
Dir. Maximilian Le Cain 2021
Ireland 10 min
A lyrical post-apocalyptic diary movie for 2020 imbued with an irrepressible chthonic joyfulness that erupts from broken stone and broken birds.