THURS 11/17 
167 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY
Next year, we will leave
Dir. Juliette Joffé 2021
Belgium 45 min
Guided by a sentence from my childhood, I encounter three people in Paris: A collector of lost objects, a princess in Disneyland and a coffee seller forever rooted in her shop to the point of madness. The first person narrative echoes the stories of the filmed, questioning the possibilities of the documentary encounter. In the process the assumed distinctions between director/character ; self/other; stranger/friend are challenged and questioned. A meditation on longing, dreaming and belonging.
Dir. Aaron Zeghers, Lewis Bennett 2018
Canada 60 min
After being diagnosed with leukemia in 1993, Danny Ryder picks up a camcorder and begins to create a film, with himself as the central character. The lo-fi Vancouver cityscape reflects an alienated existence as Danny grapples with his personal demons, spurred on in the face of his own mortality.
16 One
Dir. Holden Treadway 2022
USA 2 min

A found 16mm home movie taken from its source and buried outside of my own home for 31 days. Control of the project was relinquished to the environment, which in turn warped the film into an abstract artifact. 16 One constructs a space for the past and present to commune.​
untitled (letter to Aida)
Dir. Hunter Blu 2020
USA 3 min
Following the fallout of protest, a highly alienating election, and emotional relapse, untitled (letter to Aida) centers itself on attempting to reason and make sense with the consequences of an uncontrollably cruel year. The piece introduces my practice to the viewer with an amalgamation of all the mediums I work in and between. Burning cop cars, archival imagery, spray paint in alley ways, and small knotless box braids. untitled (letter to Aida) reaches out to the inner parts of myself in hopes of finding faith to navigate the world through by writing a love letter to my late Grandma.
Oliver Sees Indigo
Dir. Ryan Clancy 2021
USA 14 min
An attempt to regain attachment following a period of heroin addiction, near-death experiences, and oxytocin deficiency. The camera shifts between moments of fragile devotion as it searches for a higher power in threads of shared suffering. Oliver, is heaven only for the high?
Dir. Alejandro Hinestroza 2020
USA 4 min
But the System Failed Me First
In the Ashes of Memory
Dir. Rin Jung 2022
USA 16 min
The filmmaker - who is also a tattoo artist - prescribes tattoo designs based on stories told of "missing history," while explaining why tattoos matter in the individual’s relationship with their trauma and body.
I watch you watch me, (I watch you want me)
Dir. Lily Sarosi 2020
USA 27 min
I watch you watch me, (I watch you want me) is a 27 minute long experimental diary account of the filmmaker’s experience of being r*ped and the impact it has on her life.
This film is an exploration of how trauma transforms over time, the power of denial and repression, and the importance of community support.
The Sparrow is Free
Dir. Niki Kohandel 2021
UK / Iran 14 min
In an empty house, a young woman hears a voice. The tales it evokes lead her to recreate scenes from her grandmother’s past life.
grain painting #01
Dir. Shaan Ken Rao 2022
USA 3 min
The film comes from a place of longing. Despite the source, the place of longing itself has nothing to do with anything other than my state of mind. Rather than collaging images or painting iterations of a glorified past, I compose this abstract place of longing, through crops and layered stacks of old 35mm film scans.
Dir. Sonnie Wooden 2019
USA 14 min
Godspeed is a film dedicated to my native city of Chicago and my entire family that is either biological or found. It is the story of young kid who always wanted to escape the city that has plagued him with a grand desire to escape. It is the liminal space between who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. Godspeed is about the the divide between the black and white Chicago residents and the feelings of loss, grief, and alienation that come with it.
Dir. Iván Esteban Reina Ortiz
Colombia 15 min
By looking into my nonbinary trans identity, I review my personal and film archives in order to understand the path that has led me to where I am. As a queer artist and through voice, body and image experimentations, I wonder about my films and my life: what is my place in this world?
All I Need
Dir. Jake Durham 2022
USA 4 min
I moved to NYC in April and instantly felt a creative block. Feeling stuck, lonely, and having no direction, I made myself shoot something on my Super 8 everyday. I was on foot, with friends, meeting new people — completely lost at all times. These moments felt foreign, but the landscape was fresh and after some time, these people and places now feel familiar. Still not much direction, but finding a groove.
Magnetic resonance indistinguishable fiction journey
Dir. Chanmin Kim 2020
South Korea 11 min
During MRI scanning, I would fall into a profound deception, and in this unpredictable space, all alone and completely disconnected from the outside world, I would travel the universe and ponder about incidents that I would never be able to experience.
Dir. Stephanie Leibowitz 2022
USA 3 min
"When Bruce Springsteen became my savior."
In a period of distress, the subject takes to making video diaries at random to express her current thoughts. All actions are unscripted and personal. Part of a series of diaries over a ten year period.
If It's Nice Play it Twice
Dir. Nolen Phya 2022
USA / Jamaica 35 min
A short diary film of my trip to Jamaica during the summer of 2022.