SUN 11/13 
167 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY
Greetings from Bonita
Dir. Caitlin Ryan 2022
USA 5 min
Celebrity, family, death, and bugs. This film is somewhere between a postcard and stream of consciousness.
Dir. Paige Taul 2022
USA 19 min
71 is about the sensibilities of the black middle class as observed by Jessica Taul and Pamela Patterson, the filmmaker's mother and aunt, respectively. They discuss their differing tastes, definitions of class, frogs, and other qualifiers they consider in their evaluation of the space that they live in: a suburban-like outcropping of identical housing units.
Silent Clinking
Dir. Ayesha Bashir 2022
Pakistan / USA 3 min
This personal doc reconstructs memory through cultural memorabilia and explores the role of objects in fostering nostalgia. It also investigates the reliability of memory as a form of remembrance, as the protagonist fails to remember her first memory. This film is left intentionally unsubtitled as I wanted my non-Urdu/Hindi-speaking audience to understand the piece emotionally and visually, and I believe that the sentiments conveyed are not difficult to decipher.
Jan en To
Dir. Lili Dekker 2019
USA 33 min
An observational documentary about my grandparents as they experience Alzheimer’s within their private home. Filmed on a consumer camcorder during one of my summer visits to The Netherlands, “Jan en To” shows the resilience of their love as they navigate the patient and demanding acts of caregiving and -receiving.
Is There A Pine On The Mountain
Dir. Chongyan Liu 2022
China / France 38 min
Filmmaker Chongyan Liu documents a time when the mother of her abusive ex-partner came to stay in their Parisian apartment.
Vive les Fragments
Nikolas Candido, Tetsuya Maruyama 2022
Brazil 10 min
A cinematographic letter exchange between experimental filmmakers. Through a fragmentary aesthetic, the two filmmakers present their tributes to Jonas Mekas as part of his centenary.
Dir. Lily Sarosi, Cheli Veloz 2022
USA 9 min
After 8 years of living in separate parts of the country, we were reunited for a few months in 2021. As life long collaborators, we are staying connected through making a new years video card (at some point once a year). This is a new tradition. Sending our love to you wherever you are.
The sound of the falling heart
Dir. Julia Beyer Agostini, Claudia Valdivia 2022
Argentina 8 min
A dreamlike correspondence between Chilean Patagonia and French Bask Country. Two women separated by oceans are finally united by the journey of the stream of consciousness and by the same big city.
Correspondence - Yuri Obitani/Ming-Yu Lee
Dir. Yuri Obitani, Ming-Yu Lee 2022
Japan / Taiwan 76 min

A film correspondence between Tokyo and Taipei, from 2019 to 2021. In the era of the pandemic, they communicate and understand each other through letter films.
Bobby Boy
Dir. Robi York 2022
USA 4 min
May 26, 1997 in the Bronx. One of many birthdays spent in Yankee Stadium, which has become somewhat of a tradition that my brother Patrick started when I was as young as I can remember. This time we had the privilege of seeing Derek Jeter and The New York Yankees face Cal Ripken and The Baltimore Orioles. A game full of cheers and boo’s, as well as a surprise for my birthday.
the life and death of a mosquito
Dir. Walter Smits 2020
USA 10 min
A boy gives a presentation on the life and death of a mosquito. What else can we remember? This video is a love letter to the things we will stop remembering, to childhood, AND to conversations that don't matter. This video was once a love letter to someone who doesn't much matter anymore. It is a love letter to walks in the woods, water's-edge flowers, and moss covered logs. It's a love letter to my fear of memory loss to which I don't sign my name.
We Were Wrecks Before We Crashed Into Each Other
Dir. Riley Ebner 2022
USA 5 min
time-based media diary
Dir. Sam Fredericks 2022
USA 5 min
A short documentary project that attempts to encapsulate what it looks and feels like to be an American Teenager in 2022.
Hepatitis (B) Youth
Dir. Justin Rhody 2005
USA 27 min
A group of 'druggy' young people make trashcan noise across a sleepy college town in the midwest.
Dir. Ashley Wall 2022
USA 4 min
A short diary of moments from daily life and time spent with friends.
2006 The Only Year That I Remember
Dir. Alberto Van den Eynde 2019
Spain 14 min
Summer, 2019. My family and I are returning to two quintessential places from my childhood summers. On my way there I wonder why there aren't any home videos from those trips, when Jorge and I were children and the radio was tuned into "Los 40".It has to be me, some years later, the one who pick up my father’s old cameras and take back those images that had never existed. As if we were back to 2006.
Too Much Fun
Dir. Grace Mitchell 2020
USA 12 min
Swirling imagery of junk food, driveways, and caves. Dreamlike stories of a family and their intergenerational relations.