SAT 11/12 
124 S 3rd St Brooklyn, NY 
TRT: 84 min
**Screening followed by Q&A with filmmakers in attendance

Paradise Lost
Dir. Nick Zedd 2015 / 2022
Mexico 4 min
A home video shot in one take on super 8. Nick Zedd, his son Zerak and wife Monica are shown in their Mexico City apartment, as well as a moment in the streets. This film is important and dear to Nick Zedd's family because it shows a more intimate and tender side of his life. Although short and quick, it still carries a very Nick Zedd filming style in a home video. Something so simple, he would make into art.
**In tribute to Nick Zedd, this film will be screened twice. The original silent version will begin the program, and a version with a song will end the program.
photo website video export v2
Dir. Justin Mariano 2022
USA 3 min​​​​​​​
was working on this for a while, then the world decided i was done and i lost my hard drive.
Dir. Ji Stribling 2022
USA 3 min
Home video archives delve into the objective, intersubjective, and subjective realities during a conversation with the director's father. The film spans from years 2007 to the present, and is filmed on a JVC Everio.
Dir. Jard Lerebours 2022
USA 6 min​​​​​​​
A new take on the Rastafarian concept of Zion, the great escape from Babylon and its oppressive structures. I envision ZION as inextricably tied to the Buddhist concept of nirvana, the release from the cycle of death and rebirth. ZION captures simplistic and mundane moments of Black joy that seek to subvert the forces against us.

When was the last time you saw a Black being ride on a skateboard into the sunlight? Have you witnessed the joy of hand meeting scalp to turn afro into braid?
Lost in Her Hair (Monday)
Dir. Pegah Pasalar 2022
Iran 6 min​​​​​​​
Home video of an excited young Iranian girl getting ready for her first day of school, her mother brushing her hair and dressing her. Then a grown up girl, calling for a cab to an international airport. These are the last moments in her home country, stuck between residues of intimacy and memories, with an inevitable future overseas waiting for her. 
Oscillating between home movie and self portrait, this film illustrates one of many struggles of contemporary womanhood in Iran: hair and veil, through a very experimental personal lens.
Father, Can't You See I'm Burning?
Dir. Grant Conversano 2022
USA 14 min​​​​​​​
This film interrogates the medium of the family photo, while exploring intergenerational trauma, grief, and addiction.
I’ve always had a difficult relationship with my father because of his alcoholism. Despite all the painful events we’ve lived though, he was convinced that we were a happy family, because he said he had the pictures to prove it.
Dir. Alejandro Hinestroza 2022
USA 3 min​​​​​​​
The journey taken by people who seek a better life has always been rough but even after traversing through the unknowns of nature, the well-known powers tend to be the biggest roadblocks in one's own country as well as abroad.
Seasons / Patterns
Dir. James Edmonds 2020
Germany 10 min​​​​​​​
The flesh of time, strands of the present, in constant becoming and disappearance. One reel for each season, exposed between 2016 and 2017. Leitmotifs of flora, providing some unity within each season, as a reflection on its atmosphere and passing presence.
double whammy!
Dir. Tristen Ives 2021
USA 4 min​​​​​​​
a diaristic short exploring mental illness.
The Night is Drunk When We Suffer
Dir. RS Magtaan 2022
Philippines 6 min
One night, a mother of five gets drunk. She spends the rest of the evening expressing her frustrations, inhibitions, and aspirations while her poet son tells all the miseries and shared trauma that bonded them together.
I am a product of a never-ending cycle of poverty and oppression, and I am trying to rebuild myself from the fragments found in this film. My mama taught me a lot, especially about gambling in life, literally and figuratively. This is one of my gambles.
thank you for the dreams
Dir. Lucky Marvel, Dennis Tobin 2022
USA 5 min
A videotape within a videotape reflects upon summer nostalgia by intercutting fuzzy media with the fragmented memories of its authors.
Dir. Natasha Woods 2022
USA 11 min​​​​​​​
A micro portrait, a moving-image zine, a family archive. Investigating threads of an intergenerational experience of four generations. The maker inserts herself through the invitation of having her subjects point the camera/mic back on her.
My Mirror
Dir. Marcelese Cooper 2022
USA 5 min​​​​​​​
A poem turned diary entry to confess all the ways a reflection can betray the heart. On either side of the reflection there are consequences, hopes, fears, and dreams but somewhere in between there must be at least some shallow sense of understanding. So here I stand, searching for it somewhere in my mirror.
Dir. Valentina Rosset 2021
Brazil 4 min​​​​​​​
A short film about a stored love.