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Selected Videos by Mike Hack
Dir. Mike Hack (compiled by haul gallery) 2022
USA 10 min
Mike Hack makes videos – he's been making them for a long time. Over the years, they’ve seen shifts in technology, changes in culture, and different phases of Mike himself.
Mike is a man with autism. This influences the way that he lives, talks, behaves, thinks, and feels. It can be difficult for people without autism (neurotypicals) to understand Mike’s experience, however, through his videos, he provides an insightful visual memoir. haul gallery has worked with Mike to archive and present his videos for a wider audience.
DV Footage Log (2014-2020)
Dir. Michael Coleman 2022
USA 22 min
A collection of brief recorded moments from a new father's past, found on an old hard drive.
MMXXI (2 Tapes)
Dir. Zoe Chronis 2021
USA 60 min
This video features two MiniDV tapes recorded with a 2002 Canon ZR45 camcorder. I performed all the editing in-camera during the course of my daily life using a method I call "Swiss-Cheesing"—randomly scanning back and forth on a tape, dropping new video through old footage. As far as I know there is no contemporary camera that allows this kind of digital chance-based editing. This is a video diary with a catch: recording a new entry destroys a segment of equal length. Juxtapositions between the two tapes occur by chance.
Dir. Mohamad Karami 2022
Iran 15 min

When he understood it was all a dream.
He decided to stay until eternity, darker since you died.
Commodity Trading: Dies Irae
Dir. M. Woods 2022
USA 86 min
A void in time-space opens as bitter spirits circle one another searching for the Numb Spiral. The double of reality knocks the USA off the map.
¡Ay bendito, se le paró el carro!
Dir. Josafat Concepcion 2022
USA 3 min
One night in Harlem film diary
A Part of Your Life
Dir. Tatsunori Hosoi 2022
Japan 3 min
An experimental diary observing moments and interactions on the streets of Manhattan.
Small Wonder
Dir. Elias ZX 2022
USA 17 min
This is the film Grandma Sally made for her family. Well, technically I made this film. Also, Grandma Sally is not my grandmother, I have actually never met her in my life, I don’t even know her last name. This film is composed using clips from a RCA Small Wonder camcorder that Sally filmed videos on between 2009 and 2010. I bought the same camcorder at a flea market in 2022 for five dollars, she never cleared the memory card.
Correspondence to a Loved One
Dir. Andrew Okubo Kodama 2021
USA 3 min
shot on 8mm, filmmaker Andrew Kodama combines personal reflections with an original score composed of field recordings, samples, and keys.
this film is dedicated to my lineage, rory ferreira, and the poets of all mediums who shine and continue to expand - despite the constraints of expectation.
Nature Boy
Dir. Darice Polo 2022
USA 9 min
Nature Boy introduces the filmmaker's grandparents, Ruperto and Emilia Udenburgh, who emigrated to New York from Puerto Rico in 1927, and their six daughters who were raised on Prospect Avenue in the Bronx. It includes conversations with two of the daughters, now in their 70s and 80s, as they recount their childhood in the Bronx, and memories of their parents Ruperto and Emilia. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Notes on Paper
Dir. France Rreally 2022
USA 10 min
A diary film of the thoughts I needed to get out of my head, carry with me, and look back at to fully understand.
the tender place where the world breaks
Dir. Emily Van Loan 2021
USA 13 min

I tried for two years not to breathe or touch my body numb the bones settling crooked. Just be yourself! A voice breaks like leather cracking. Thinking is a skill that can be developed. The point to prove it didn’t happen because I’m not the—no one’s the one who would let this happen, bruises blooming and, dishes feathers and bones in the sink and the sky stretched taut black tarp, bloodroot shining and the creeks clotted with trash and it’s all my fault: my fault, I am the tender place where the world breaks.
Dir. Jonathan Lee 2022
USA / South Korea 8 min

Made after the passing of the filmmaker’s grandfather, Jesa is a film dealing with themes of intergenerational trauma and its inherited effects on intimacy and family by reconstructing traditional Korean funerary rites. Exploring the effects of colonization and post-war memory on the intimate scale of family, Jesa uses song, stories, and recollections of the past to wrestle with the questions of how do we exist together after trauma?
"I Named Myself for You (Did You Name Yourself For Me?)"
Dir. Merlin Garcia 2022
USA 5 min
A visual exploration of the relationship between two siblings, as the filmmaker watches her sister go through transitioning and experiencing severe mental health crises.
Something To Do With Brook Water
Dir. Todd Fraser 2022
Canada 18 min
A super 8 letter for Henry.