FRI 11/18 
167 Wilson Ave Brooklyn, NY​​​​​​​
Work Day (for Infinity Being, tender of the garden of poets)
Dir. L u m i a 2022
USA 66 min
Made on the road in the space between shows
The Memories Collector
Dir. Sippakorn Aotrakul 2020
Thailand 38 min
unsolved mysteries of history.
There Is No Place
Dir. Chris Ruble 2019
USA 10 min
How I processed losing my childhood home to foreclosure in December 2018. Footage from VHS, Hi-8 tape, and Super 8 film. Guitar score recorded to audio cassette.
Dir. Rebecca Copper 2021
USA 5 min
The filmmaker considers a chronic illness they were newly diagnosed with.
Do You See Colors?
Dir. Jess Michelle Lisy 2022
USA 5 min
Real thoughts of a person going through a Manic Episode.
Kill the Headlights
Dir. Sage Ó Tuama and Saint Piñero 2022
USA 15 min
Notes and sketches from a cross country roadtrip in the Summer of 2021.
(tourism studies)
Dir. Joshua Gen Solondz 2019
USA 7 min
A year of Gentry video diaries
Dir. Anzi DeBenedetto 2022
USA 3 min
Somewhat-monthly installments of an ongoing video diary project. An attempt at identifying the overlap between my tastes and the world's tolerance.
Ressasser (no radar on)
Dir. Samuel Cogrenne 2021
Canada / France 10 min

After losing a loved one, the filmmaker decides to leave Montreal, but misses his connection in New York. Waiting for his next flight, he wanders the streets rehashing the past, talking with people and friends, and dreaming of what might have been.
Dir. Leah E Simon 2022
USA 5 min
This diary film follows a series of conversations that take place between the director and her family. Juxtaposing hi8 shot off the coast of South Carolina with footage sourced from WAVY TV, the film traces recurring themes and an event as it runs throughout the day.
Postcard of a Forest Fire
Dir. Matt Feldman 2022
UK / USA 18 min
A film diary exploring the wildfire epidemic in Colorado and impending desertification. Imagery of forests devastated by fires are contrasted against footage of the urban and industrial landscape of Denver, while the minimal narrative drifts between documentary, poetry, and fantasy.
Running from the Red Sun
Dir. Sarah Little 2021
USA 6 min
A short, experimental, essayistic documentary about an especially chaotic period of my life. This film observes layers of turmoil such as wildfire/climate change, loss, forced movement, the Coronavirus pandemic, and the American political climate of 2020, as well as tender moments of stillness and love.
Times a God Zillion
Dir. Natasha Beste 2020
USA 10 min
A short film surrounding messages from my Mom from the after-life, heroic dosage psychedelic medicine rituals, and clearing spaces of shame, guilt, pain, and grief – home movies, images from the past, present, future, video games, a beloved 80’s film – inspired by personal work surrounding death and communicating with spirit.
Dir. Zach Dorn 2022
USA 5 min
I attempt to fulfill a promise to an x-girlfriend in Canada.
Dir. Damani Rawlins 2022
USA 2 min
An exploration in creating a film and realizing you enjoy the process more than the project.
I think about / all the things I could reach / before you
Dir. Laurel Hauge 2020
USA 3 min
The collected imagery from Google Earth of the ocean and seas between New York and Italy’s shores paired with the robotic narrative meditates on the feelings of displacement, separation, and uncertainty which I experienced during the year and a half I lived in New York.
All 4 Money
Dir. Fatuma Mohamed 2022
USA 3 min

Be in it, dance in it.
It Was Day and I Was Thinking About Night
Dir. Eva Anerrapsi 2021
Greece 4 min

Filmed through the mirroring of a computer screen, the video reflects on a character’s pondering over the authenticity of things. What remains real in the absence of space and how does erotic speech take form when the storyteller’s gaze is mediated only through deflections? The title of the video refers to the blackness of an inactive computer screen that comes to rapture with the texture of natural colors in daylight.
Memory Playthrough
Dir. Sim Hahahah 2022
USA 2 min
Someone shows us how we can recount memories. The process is safe and virtually painless.
goodbye, ghost
Dir. Evan Schwartz 2021
USA 6 min
Silence becomes noise, noise becomes reality, clarity peers over the horizon.
Background Image
Dir. Otto Ohle 2022
USA 3 min
Does anyone else get emotional when they change their computer desktop background?
Arrival 1, Arrival 2
Dir. Ej Nussbaum 2022
USA 16 min
This experimental essay film springs from the final days of December 2020 when I moved from Chicago to Toronto. The film documents my move and then continues on alternate paths, weaving through the liminal spaces of borders, sickness, interpellation, and dreams.
A Bartender’s Dancing Life at Work
Dir. Benny Ogando 2022
USA 9 min
A ridiculous compilation of selfie videos of me at work dancing and trying to have fun throughout the whole pandemic with friends guests and also by myself lol