SAT 11/19
87 Lafayette Street NYC 10013

TRT 108 min
**Screening followed by Q&A with filmmakers in attendance + closing night reception

Canyon Echoes.mp4
Dir. Hunter Blu 2022
USA 21 min
In Canyon Echoes.mp4 My Mother and Grandfather attempt to extract archival video from the family camcorder.  In the process of doing so they transport the viewer back and forth through memories spanning decades.  Bringing us in on a journey about the ghost of our descendants and the malleability of old video material and how it offers us strange shapes and configurations of love and time. 
Easy Go
Dir. Grace E Mitchell 2021
USA 7 min

Depression, fetish and friendship. A shapeshifting portrait of healing bodies & eroding landscape.
Dir. Alejandro Hinestroza 2022
USA 2 min
How can one stay invisible in a society that's constantly trying to monetize everything you love and hate?
oceans of time
Dir. Devon Narine-Singh 2022
USA 11 min
Oceans of time is part of an ongoing series of works dealing with memory, music, and illness.
Dir. Liz Roberts 2021
USA 23 min
Midwaste addresses the Midwest region, midlife, and various notions of wasted, telling the story of Liz Roberts' relationship with heroin over several decades. Her connection to drug subculture is inextricable from her relationship to the camera. She started making Super 8 films as a teen, shooting friends she became intimate with in circles of drug use. Her methods are palpable and relational; retracing her steps, interviewing friends about their memories of the past, and revisiting footage taken at various stages of her youth.
Wilderness Days
Dir. Jason Younkman 2021
USA 11 min
Summer(s) in New York City reassembled as a scrolling (de)collage.
Dir. Jard Lerebours 2022
USA 3 min
A short diary film detailing the director’s trip to his mother’s homeland of Jamaica to bury his grandmother and caretaker. Coconut is a public declaration of love for Gladys Austin.
Dir. Skum King 2022
USA 2 min
A simple 2 minute video of my neighborhood's pigeons filmed on a TR-416 Hi8 tape camera, in January of 2022.
Dir. Peixuan Ouyang 2021
China / USA 18 min
A personal essay about connection and disconnection, in and through different realities.
Dir. Ilina Bhatia 2022
USA 2 min
A filmmaker introspects on her childhood feelings of anger through the constant sensation she describes as static.
Strange Longings, Tracing the Block
Dir. Ricky Danielle Ford 2022
USA 10 min
Originally created as a gift for the filmmaker’s grandmother, Strange Longings, Tracing the Block follows her path to school 56 years ago, from 139th to 147th street, where she grew up in Harlem. Having been away for more than 20 years, the film was not only a gift, but the beginning of a spiritual journey, linking familial stories to tangible locations and breathing a new life into memories shared over Sunday dinners and framed photographs. As the first video contribution to her family archive in 10 years, the film also serves as a marker for both the drastic changes of the city and the remnants that continue to withstand the tests of time.