Presented in collaboration with The Film-Makers' Cooperative

FRI 3/31 7PM
@ The Film-Makers' Cooperative 
475 Park Ave. South, 6th Floor
New York, NY
Films by: Allen-Golder Carpenter, Saint Piñero, Ephraim Asili, Fox Maxy, Jennifer Reeves, Gary Doberman, Myrel Glick, Sage Ó Tuama, Victoria Guillem
“Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” draws from FMC’s vast archive and beyond to survey transcendent, hauntingly intimate work by experimental filmmakers working in first-person, diaristic modes.
The program features guest curator picks by film critic Joshua Minsoo Kim (Tone Glow, Pitchfork) and filmmakers Grace Mitchell and Jard Lerebours. 16mm and digital projection formats will be used throughout the night.
Pt. 1
(TRT: 54 Min)
Allen-Golder Carpenter
2022 / 5 min / digital projection
“Kites” is an experimental film about prison abolition, and imagining a prison free future. Based on an original poem about children fabricating kites from discarded prison uniforms, visualized in the film by suits made of paper.
if there's light move towards it;
Saint Piñero
2023 / 5 min / digital projection
An audio recording.
Forged Ways
Ephraim Asili
2011 / 16 min / digital projection
Photographed on location in Harlem and various locations throughout Ethiopia, Forged Ways shifts between the first-person account of a filmmaker, the third-person experience of a man navigating the streets of Harlem, and day-to-day life in the cities and villages of Ethiopia.
San Diego
Fox Maxy
2020 / 32 min / digital projection
This film is a reaction to colonialism and quarantine. It’s made from multiple perspectives and experiences, pieced together. There are various qualities of footage: lo-fi camcorders, iPhone, archival images, and screen recordings. The content is based on a question of how to keep our communities safe.
Pt. 2
(TRT: 48 Min)
Trains are for Dreaming
Jennifer Reeves
1999 / 7 min / 16mm projection
Eight super-8 film years condensed into seven eye-popping minutes. A dreamer moves through landscapes. A 98-year old grandmother reflects on life, while a 38-year old director looks back on her own.
Gary Doberman
1978 / 5 min / 16mm projection
“An observed, an observer and a witness."
Lament Poems for Neptune Ave
Sage Ó Tuama
2023 / 10 min / digital projection
A meditation on loss, entered through low frame-rate diary fragments and the Irish folk tradition of keening. 
Victoria Guillem
2023 / 25 min / digital projection
A home movie epic spanning the filmmaker’s entire life, composed of footage shot by four generations of Victoria Guillem's family, from 1990 to 2022. A meditation on family legacy, generations through immigration, and filmmaking itself.
Not pictured: "Sentiment" by Myrel Glick (16mm projection, scans not available)