How is atrocity translated through the camera by Palestinian filmmakers?

As suffering and genocide unfold in Gaza during the age of digitized and portable media, we visit two films that explore human suffering through decades of unjust war.

ATROCITY THROUGH THE LENS, guest-curated by Zeina, includes Abdallah Al-Khatib’s remarkable diary feature 'Little Palestine: Diary of a Siege’ (2021), set in Syria's largest Palestinian refugee camp during the civil war.
As the Syrian revolution breaks out and the camp is cut off from the rest of the world, Al-Khatib and his friends begin documenting the daily life of the besieged, who face bombing, displacement and hunger with rallying, music, study, love, and joy. Hundreds of lives are irredeemably transformed – from Abdallah’s mother, who becomes a nurse, taking care of the elderly at the camp, to the fiercest activists, whose passion for Palestine is tested by hunger. Al-Khatib offers a vital, humane, and painfully poetic perspective, forming an ever-evolving love letter to the Yarmouk camp and its Palestinian people.

The feature is preceded by Mona Benyamin’s witty satirical short ‘Trouble in Paradise’ (2018). A dysfunctional sitcom starring the artist’s parents, the film explores humor as a mechanism for coping with trauma, pain, and taboos surrounding the Nakba and the Israeli occupation. Juxtaposing two-liners and ridiculous statements of truth, the film enables viewers to gradually comprehend the brutality of man-made atrocity in a strange harmony with dark humor. 
One Night Only. This is a benefit screening for the people of Gaza- All proceeds collected will go to the PCRF, Palestinian Children's Relief Fund.